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JULY 17-19 | 2018


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Tuesday, July 17

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Casino Marketing & Technology Conference Welcome Reception

**Attendees of the Host Development Conference and the Mobile Experience & Engagement Training Workshop are invited to join the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference Welcome Reception

MARKETING - How You Can Use Gamification to Create an Interactive Loyalty Club Experience

A loyalty club is not marketing offers. Just because you issue a card with a bungee and send coupons, doesn’t mean you have a loyalty club. A club should drive sales and increase visits, but it should also do much more to connect with a guest to solve problems, reduce pain points and hopefully, if you are lucky, begin to create a more personal relationship with each guest. Global corporations are trying to create programs that speak to a guest in all aspects of their life. In fact, some have coined the term a lifestyle club. How do casino loyalty clubs measure up to this? We’re behind, but there are tools to get us there.

Introducing gamification. How does “gamification” create a more robust loyalty club experience? In its largest sense, gamification is defined as the application of typical elements of game playing to other areas of activity. It’s employing game and rewards mechanics (think of McDonald’s Monopoly game or even getting “stars” as a kid when you completed a task) to build loyalty. Gamification offers marketers an opportunity by incorporating unique incentivized digital consumer touchpoints using fun and rewarding online games and activities to stimulate trial and maintain interest. Once in place, a gamified marketing program can self-perpetuate, driving a constant level of excitement and interest in a company’s brand and products. In this session, we’ll talk about how you can incorporate gamification into an overall marketing strategy to drive new customer acquisition, strengthen existing guest relationships, boost online and social media engagement, and create new ways to reactivate former customers. Now, that’s a loyalty club.

Justin Shank, Raving Partner, Social Gaming and Marketing

Matt Bistodeau, Marketing Player Development Manager, Sycuan Casino
Jerry Epstein, Chief Executive Officer, Engaged Nation
Jennifer Johnson, Vice President Loyalty Marketing, Foxwoods Resort Casino