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JULY 17-19 | 2018


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Tuesday, July 17

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Casino Marketing & Technology Conference Welcome Reception

**Attendees of the Host Development Conference and the Mobile Experience & Engagement Training Workshop are invited to join the Casino Marketing & Technology Conference Welcome Reception

Can Slot Players Tell a Loose Slot from a Tight Slot?

Proper pricing of the slot playing experience may be the single most important operations and marketing aspect of the Modern Day Casino Hotel. If slot games are too loose, an operator may needlessly be missing revenue opportunities, especially in tourist markets where slot players have limited gambling time, may only visit once or twice a year, have other resort amenities to eat up their entertainment dollars, and, frankly, may not care how the slot games are priced. If the slots are too tight, especially in “locals” markets, the slot operator may be at a competitive disadvantage if other nearby casinos have a looser slot hold percentage, and the tight casino’s Value Proposition and Brand Image may take a hit with players.

But can slot players tell the difference between a tight slot and a loose slot, if all else is equal expect for the differences in hold percentage? An important question, don’t you think? In this provocative session, gaming researchers and operators will share the latest research from the field of Player Perceptions of Slot Hold Percentage, add their own real life case studies of situations when slots were measured and evaluated after being tightened or loosened, and take a stand on the question “Can Tightening Slots be a Profitable Strategy for a Casino Operator?” There is no casino marketing topic more important than whether or not our slot players find value in our games that make us the most money. Game titles, sound packages, cabinets, game placement, product mix and numerous factors come into play here, but how fast we take our players’ money must be understood if we are to have satisfied players AND healthy bottom lines.

Dennis Conrad, President Emeritus, Raving Consulting Company

Buddy Frank, Principal Consultant, Slot Strategies
Anthony F. Lucas, Ph.D., Professor, Casino Management, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, UNLV
Michael Meczka, President, Meczka Marketing Research Consulting
Ashok Singh, Ph.D., Department of Resort, Gaming, & Golf Management, and International Gaming Institute, UNLV