Casino Marketing & Technology Conference

July 17-19, 2018

Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Produced by Casino Journal


Tami Jones
Raving Partner & Senior Account Manager
CSG Direct Mail

Tami has helped several tribal properties launch their first direct mail and email programs as well as helped others build upon existing programs with Triggered Automation Direct Mail and Email programs. Tami's 23 years of experience working within the casino industry as both an insider and as a service provider, lends her a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges facing today's gaming professionals. Tami has grown with an industry where direct mail is still king, but technology requires multi-level campaigns and the knowledge to execute them precisely, and at a competitive cost. Tami recognizes that finding the right balance between direct mail and email can make or break a casino loyalty program. CSG has worked with over 83 casinos across 10 US States, as well as 32 online casinos, mailing to over 80 countries worldwide.